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Precision Response Corporation Precision Response Corporation
“We had previously retained a ‘Big 6’ firm to assist us with property tax issues, but they focused on accounting matters and achieved marginal results. Due to your knowledge of tax issues and your creativity, we saved $226,000 in tangible personal property taxes for the tax year.”
Lori Hoetzlein
Tax Manager
Ryder Transporation Services Ryder Transporation Services
“Once again, Savitar has managed to significantly reduce our tangible personal property tax assessment. This year, we saved more than 56%, which represents a $275,000 tax savings for Ryder Systems. We are delighted that this is the third year that you have achieved similar results."
Renee Pakarek
Tax Manager
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
“We are delighted with the result of your work. You have saved us $171,000 during the current tax year.”
Lili Batista
Tax Specialist
Carnival Corporation Carnival Corporation
“We have just received our tax refund check, which was a welcome surprise. Because of your efforts, we received a $5.2 million assessment reduction.”
Mark O’Brien
Tax Manager
Williams Williams
“Savitar designed and executed our tangible personal property tax appeals throughout 49 Florida counties resulting in a 35% reduction of our property tax expense with an aggregate tax savings of $1.1 million.”
Michael Easterwood
Regional Tax Manager
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Let Our Clients Do The Talking
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