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For more than 15 years, Savitar Tax Advisors has earned an unmatched reputation in the corporate community for it's professional approach and definitive results. Savitar’s expert accounting, legal and valuation professionals address both valuation and legal issues as they impact your assessment. Savitar’s principals include a tax attorney and a certified public account who are expert in financial analysis, property valuation and ad valorem taxation.

While CPAs are experts in preparing financial statements and/or tax returns, personal property assessments are a different matter because the laws and regulations pertaining to property taxes vary for each county. Savitar Tax Advisors has been successful in more than 95 percent of the personal property cases we have been involved with. This is because our analysis converts the Client's cost basis asset records to current value basis accounts in accordance with property tax laws and regulations, which results in a significantly lower tax assessment basis, thus lowering the personal property tax.

Savitar's services is based solely on a flat contingency fee. If a tax reduction is not obtained, there will be no charge. Additionally, you will not be billed for any services until tax savings have been secured.

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